Spire Solutions

Solution-Driven for Engineered Products

• Precision machining solutions- with large capabilities
• Production run solutions- bar feed, pallet system set-ups
• Manufacturing design engineer solutions
• Seamless transition from system engineering to building precision hardware
   of an engineered product.
• Highly skilled manufacturing engineering interface to our customer that carries
   onto the actual build of the final product.
• Rapid prototyping & material testing; includes MFG engineering and hardware build.
• Innovative hardware solution for our customers.
• Fielding and test consulting support.
• Flight system vehicle design interface.
• Material tracking
• Government furnished property capabilities
• Total small business opportunity credits
• Manufacturing Engineering- Machining Engineered Products
• Stack-up tolerances
• GD&T assembly solutions
• Flight hardware integrations
• System engineering interface
• Account for material properties in machining
• Tool cutting advancement technologies
• Innovative fixturing and part set up eliminating operations
• Multi-axis operations eliminating set-ups
• 4th and 5th axis complex feature surfacing
• Pricing and payment options
• Purchasing made easy Solution- Intuit Payment Network
• Worry-free logistics
• Order visibility at any given time (PO thru delivery)
• EDI (SharePoint, triggered (touch-free) replenishment
• Collaborative planning
• Forecast cooperation / generation
• VMI - Vendor Managed Inventory (consignment)