Tony Feltman - President and Owner

Tony Feltman founded SPIRE Manufacturing Solutions in 2011, however has been gaining experience in his past endeavors while inventing a solution to pass onto his customers. The motivation was to prove that a manufacturing company could pass more market solutions onto his customers while creating a positive work environment for his employees; than about a financial return.

Tony has served in numerous successful business corporate enterprises, markets including high end defense Research and Development to highly engineered water purification system that involved high dollar materials.

Tony's vision for SPIRE Manufacturing solutions is to create a family business that will be managed for the long term, with customer intimacy, integrity, and driven team leaders as its major drivers. "We will be unique in creating solutions from the bottom up for our manufacturing customers while being a positive influence to our community."

Rick Lollar - Director of Operations

Rick joined SPIRE Manufacturing Solutions at its inception as an executive staff member. He brings a wealth of knowledge from a strong and varied manufacturing background. Rick's information systems and financial acumen while multi-tasking have delivered results in each of his previous endeavors.

Rick is especially attuned to maximizing efficiencies in manufacturing environments. His unique skill-set and organizational attention is designed to expand, rather than restrict, innovation. This results in manufacturing process improvements that save our customers money, while allowing SPIRE to reach its financial goals.

Rick has been involved in system and product manufacturing since the early 1990s. He has scheduled product and assembly development which increased company initiatives. His collaborative relationships with internal peers and external financial markets enable him to deliver sound financial management in a fast paced company's growth modeā€¦

With Rick's guidance, our business will be managed for the long term, with customer intimacy, profitability, and team leader growth as our major customer solution.